Dalia creates blankets for baby orphaned elephants in Africa


Celebrity fashion designer DALIA MACPHEE has released a collection of blankets for orphaned baby elephants, a portion of which will
be donated to the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation for distribution to elephant sanctuaries and rescues in need.

Dalia recently created the Equisafe blanket, a fully fire retardant horse blanket with built in GPS, and the Pet-Safe Jacket, a fully fire retardant dog jacket with GPS.
In chatting with red carpet client Shannon Elizabeth who recently moved to Africa, she learned there was also a need for the elephants.
Elephants are the largest land mammals alive today and make a major impact both in their natural environment and with human populations. They are incredibly emotional and sentient beings, and yet over-exploitation of these majestic animals has pushed them close to extinction.
In Africa alone, an estimated 100 elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts, leaving only 400,000 remaining.
With no mother to provide warmth, rescued babies are highly susceptible to pneumonia, and without the protection of blankets, the cold can claim many lives.
The blankets DALIA MACPHEE is manufacturing have the same level of heat insulation and water/rain protection as her horse blankets,
And come in this season’s latest colors!