Christmas came early this year! CUTENESS ALERT- WATCH THE VIDEO..

A few years ago DALIA MACPHEE partnered with friend and client, actress Shannon Elizabeth to see what she could do to assist her foundation that helps orphaned baby elephants and rhinos in South Africa. Poaching is still a massive issue in many parts of the world, with elephants and rhinos being one of the most susceptible. Over 100 are still slaughtered daily in Africa for their tusks and horns. Often entire families will be slaughtered with only the babies being spared ( since they are of no commercial value). Without heat from mummy and the herd, most babies die soon after , of hypothermia. Shannon and I got to speaking, and I began designing and producing insulated, secure and waterproof blankets for the babies. On December 9th, little baby rhino Daisy ( coincidentally my dog's name) was rescued by Care for Wild. As you can see Daisy is rocking our size xxxs . 🙂 Care for Wild is quite amazing, as in addition to caring for the orphans, they Have a whole pack of hounds ( also in my jackets) that are trained to sniff out ivory etc. They can travel 20km per hour. Once they get on a scent, helicopters follow them to hunt down /arrest the poachers! Daisy needs everyone's help right now to get better. Here's the donate link on Shannon's foundation page.